Honest attorney to represent you

I do not have a ton of contacts and wanted to sell my business which I built over 10 years time. My business was quite successful and grossing 3 million but I was super burnt out and wanted to move out of Southern California.

I needed someone who would represent me and look out for my best interests. I called a bunch of attorneys but mostly found arrogance, over inflated fees, and slow response times. I knew one excellent trademark attorney who was honest and easy to deal with but I figured I needed someone with expertise in business sales. It’s been over 2 years since I worked with Tim but I still remember how lucky I was to have found him. He is super organized and help me gather the necessary documents to present to the buyers of my business to make the due diligence process a snap. The buyers were quite impressed with the package we presented to them. This was the due diligence phase – the prospectus was already written before I met Tim.

He is a tough negotiator but fair in dealing with the other side so both parties to the agreement feel good. He seems to enjoy what he does for a living. He takes time in “crafting the purchase agreement” – that’s the words he used with me. These are not just words. I have worked with plenty of attorneys and know what he means.

Tim was a pleasure to work with – I only wish I could retain his services in my new state. It would also help if I could build another successful business first! Not easy.

SteveOwnerSan Diego